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Unity 5.6 and Android overlays – Updated

Unity just released 5.6.2f1 which rolls back the change they made to their Android player.  While the method described below works, it’s no longer needed.  There was also some performance issues using the PopupWindow, so it’s better just to go back to using a view added to the Unity view.

I updated the Unity version I’ve been using to 5.6 when it came out of beta, but when I built my android app, I noticed a major problem – the ad banners no longer appeared!  So glad I made sure to test my app before updating in to GPlay 😀

Turns out 5.6 uses a feature in Android to make their view sit on top of all other views for that activity, and when my plugin would create a view to hold both my AdMob view and Amazon adView, it wouldn’t display them on top of the Unity view as before.

I tried a few different methods before seeing that the folks who maintain the AdMob plugin for Android on Unity had  updated their method to use a PopupWindow.  I did some research on this method, and got it to work for both AdMob and Amazon ads.

The one thing that had me stuck for a bit was that you cannot show a PopupWindow right after creating it in the application onCreate method, you need to wait for a bit.  This was also true when I created the PopupWindow during my plugin initialization.

I used the post() method on the rootView to get the delay I needed.

    if (mPopupWindow!=null)
        activity.getWindow().getDecorView().getRootView().post(new Runnable() {
        public void run() {
            if (isDebug)
                Log.i(LOGTAG,"Showing POPUP window...");
                            Gravity.TOP, 0, 0);

At some point, I’ll update my plugin to allow the PopupWindow to be either at the top or bottom of the display, right now it’s hard-coded to appear at the top.