Candy Bubble Drop

Icon-180This is a physics based match 3 game featuring 3D artwork.  It has been developed using Unity3D and the NGUI plugin.  I’ve used some artwork & music from the Asset Store, and also recently had the layout, design along with the overall ‘look & feel’ reworked by someone who does this kind of thing for a living.  It’s turned out quite nice IMHO.

The updated version is now live on iTunes, you can check it out here, or read more about it at this information webpage.

ios_Candy Bubble Drop_640x960_130774716443This is a work-in-progress shot from Unity at iPhone 4 retina resolution.

Notice my debug buttons along the right hand side.  I add these throughout the game, so when I’m developing/testing I can quickly check various aspects of the game without having to play it properly, which can take too long sometimes.

Each of those buttons is tagged with ‘Debug’ in the Unity Editor, and my code hunts for GameObjects with that tag and deletes them if I build in release mode.

Safer than me trying to remember to take them out when I’m building for final ‘non-cheat’ testing.

Note, the blank bar at the top of the image is placeholder for banner ads that will appear on the mobile devices.

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