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Resize an animated gif using imagemagik

This is a nice easy one liner:

convert original.gif -coalesce -repage 300x175+0-25 -layers optimize resized.gif

-coalesce expands the image into a series of frames while -repage will re-compress them into one image again. No need for temp files or cleanup!  The 300×175 specifies the new size for the image, while +0-25 specifies where to pull the segment of the canvas from in the old image.  My goal here was to extract x 300×175 animated gif from a 400×230 original.

Update: I also needed to pad the image with more pixels to the left & right, so it would have a particular aspect ratio, and fill the added pixels with a specific color.  To get the color from the top left pixel from the original image I used this:

convert 'original.gif[0]' -colorspace rgb -crop 1x1+0+0 text:

Then, used this to pad the image I’d resized previously:

convert reiszed.gif -coalesce -repage 0 -colorspace rgb -background "#1541BA" -extent 700x175-200+0 padded.gif

This resulted in a 700×175 animated GIF, which is the correct aspect I was going for.  Then this command to resize it to 800×200, which I needed to match the required spec:

convert padded.gif -coalesce -repage 0 -resize 800x200 800x200.gif


No audio from FaceTime on Mac

I’ve got FaceTime setup to receive/make calls through my iPhone using my Mac Mini, and normally I’m really happy with it.

However, today it stopped playing back the audio from calls received or made.  I tried with the force quit, but that made no difference.  I really didnt want to have to reboot my Mac (though I’m pretty sure that would have fixed it), so digging into the App I discovered you can select the audio output from the Video menu (which is why I probably never looked before).

Anyway, selecting a different audio source, placing a call, and then reselecting the original source made all the difference and now I’ve got it working again! Huzzah!

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 12.11.06 PM

Health Insurance… Obamacare & Grinding Gears…

Ok, so I’m not entirely dumb & I’d like to think I’ve got a clue, but oh my goodness, this ObamaCare crap really grinds my gears…

Turns out the plan I selected doesnt support an HSA – why the hell not, I mean, if you’re going to spend any money on medical crap, why the hell would I not use an HSA – so because I selected it via the marketplace, I’ve got to go back to them and wait for hours on hold to figure it out…

Talk about gear grinding…


Don’t look back!

I broke my own rule today — if you remember a movie or game from the past in a fond way, no matter what you do, don’t watch it or play it today!  It can never live up to your memories.

Was discussing an old Spectrum game from the good ol’days this morning – Trans Am by Ultimate play the game (before they became Rare).  Remember how much I enjoyed playing it, and remembered that the car movement was super cool.  But I couldn’t leave it there — I had to do a damn youtube search…

If you remember this game fondly, DO NOT WATCH THIS VIDEO:

If you don’t remember the game, or weren’t old enough or British enough to own a Spectrum back in 1983, then don’t watch it either… basically, don’t watch it…

Google Apps…

It used to be that Google Apps was a friendly service.  It did a lot of nice things, and best of all, if you had 10 or less users it was free.  Well, things change, and Google took away the free option, and whats more annoying is they messed with the old group system.

Previously, if you needed a catchall email account like or, you just created a group for that email address and added some of your real domain users to those groups.  That part still works.

Now, however, if you reply to an email sent to support@, the reply can come from support@, but the name attached to the email is your email name & not the group name.  While not a big deal, it would be better if a response to the support query came from “support<>” and not “my name<>”.

If I’ve got to pay for a service, then I want it to work the way I want it to work… time to check out Office365 and see if that’s any better…

Turns out Google made some changes and you can now change the name associated with a group address – much better.  The Office365 option is horrible and super convoluted – but then it’s Microsoft, so I’d expect nothing less 😀