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RANT: AT&T Online ordering…

So, this is just a rant.

I wanted to upgrade my old AT&T cellular modem from a USB stick to one of the new fancy WiFi devices – Unite Pro – would let me use the cellular modem across multiple devices at the same time.

Turns out, their online system will not let you order an item unless it’s in stock at your local store??? Seriously, why have an online ordering system that uses your ZIP to determine stock levels – even the customer service folks couldn’t order one online for me.

64 bit iOS required

As of today, all apps submitted to the App store, including updates need to support 64bit.  Got a bit of a shock when I tried submitting my build of Candy Bubble Drop and saw this error screen!

Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 3.46.54 PM

Luckily, the folks at Unity were prepared (more than I was) and I was able to enable 64 bit support from within the Player Settings and everything worked beautifully!


Welcome to this ‘yet another blog’.  Here you’ll find useful things I’ve discovered in my Unity Adventures, some handy C# hints and maybe even some java ramblings.

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