Saving a PSD file with a .PNG extension 😫

I’ve been working on an update to one of our apps for iOS. Unfortunately as I was updating the launch screens, I inadvertently saved a version for the iPhone 5 as a PSD file, but using the .PNG extension.   I did this by clicking on the old PNG file in the file selector to make sure it was named correctly, but them omitted to clicking on the Save Type drop down list and selecting PNG.

Now, the Mac figured it out, and would display the image in Finder and XCode was happy to load and preview it.  Even the iOS emulator didn’t mind using a PSD file in this way.  However, the actual iPhone was less than happy.

I wasted 3 hours trying to figure out the problem before I spotted my mistake. Surely something on the Mac side should have flagged the file as having a problem – the iPhone can’t load PSD files, why the hell should the emulator!

Yes, I know I saved the file incorrectly, but if it was incorrect, then it should have spewed out some kind of error.  Hopefully I’ll not make this mistake again!

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